All menu items are available for take-out. Please call 269.344.3018 in advance.


Breakfast is served:

Monday - Friday 6am - 11am

Saturday 6am - Noon










Cornverview Cafe - A true mom & pop diner - 643 N. Riverview Dr., Parchment, MI 49004

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Quick Start* two eggs & toast  $3.25

Light Start* one egg & toast  $2.95

Rise 'n Shine* two eggs, potatoes, & toast  $5.95

Egg & Such* one egg, bacon, or sausage & toast  $4.95

Eggs Benedict* English muffin halves topped with Canadian bacon basted eggs smothered in Hollandaise sauce  $7.95     with potatoes  $8.95

Breakfast Sandwich one egg, sausage patty or Canadian bacon & cheese on an English muffin with potatoes  $5.50

Biscuits & Gravy full order  $5.50    half order  $4.50

Mel's Potatoes bacon, ham, sausage, potatoes, cheddar cheese, with sausage gravy & toast  $8.95

Breakfast Quesadilla diced bacon, onion, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs on a grilled flour tortilla, served with salsa & sour cream  $8.95

#1 Two Eggs, Bacon, Potatoes & Toast* $7.25

#2 Two Eggs, Sausage, Potatoes & Toast* $7.25

#3 Two Eggs, Ham, Potatoes & Toast* $7.25

#4 Two Eggs, Corned Beef Hash & Toast* $7.50

#5 Two Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Potatoes & Toast* $7.50

Pigs in a Blanket two pancakes stuffed with sausage links  $6.50

Pancake 1 for  $3.502 for  $5.50

Pecan, Blueberry or Chocolate Chip Pancake 1 for $4.50, 2 for $6.50

Pancake Combo one pancake, one egg, bacon, or sausage* $6.95

French Toast 1 for $2.75, 2 for $4.50, 3 for $6.00

French Toast Combo 2 slices of cinnamon swirl bread, one egg, & bacon or sausage*  $6.95



Birthday special:  During the week of your birthday you may have a FREE entrée (up to a $10.95 value) when you purchase another entrée at $7.95. Beverages are not included. Please present an ID to your server.


*Notice: Consuming raw or undercooked meats or egg may increase your risk of food borne illness. Eggs may be cooked to order.

A mom and pop diner serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the Kalamazoo area since 1999.



Early Bird Specials from 6am - 8am ranging in price from $1.75 - $2.95

Call For Our Other Daily Breakfast Specials!*


*If there is a Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner Special you would like to have the next time you come in,  let your server know (at least a week in advance), and Gary will make it for you.


All omelettes include hash browns or chunks of fried red-skin potatoes with onions & toast. 

Extra items @ 50¢ ea.: onions, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms.


A. Bacon & Cheese* three egg omelette $7.75, two egg omelette $7.00

B. Bacon & Cheese* three egg omelette $7.75, two egg omelette $7.00

C. Ham & Cheese* three egg omelette $7.75, two egg omelette $7.00

D.  Mushroom & Cheese* three egg omelette $7.75, two egg omelette $7.00

E.  Three Cheese* three egg omelette $7.75, two egg omelette $7.00

F. Southern* sausage, onions & cheese with sausage gravy on top; three egg omelette $8.25 , two egg omelette $7.55

G.  Western* ham, mixed peppers, onions & cheese; three egg omelette $8.25, two egg omelette $7.55

H. Farmer's* ham, mixed peppers, onions, cheese & potatoes; three egg omelette $8.25, two egg omelette $7.55

I. Big Scramble* diced ham, bacon, & sausage; three egg omelette $8.25, two egg omelette $7.55, cheese 50¢ extra

J. Veggie* onions, mushrooms, mixed peppers, tomatoes & cheese; three egg omelette $8.25, two egg omelette $7.55

K. KS* a little bit of everything; three egg omelette $8.25, two egg omelette $7.55

L. Corned Beef Hash* corned beef hash & swiss cheese; three egg omelette $8.25, two egg omelette $7.55

Telephone:  269.344.3018


643 N. Riverview | Parchment, MI 49004



Cornerview Cafe



Cornerview Enterprises, LLC


Coffee $1.95

Hot Chocolate $2.25

Milk small $1.75, large $2.50

Chocolate Milk small $2.00, large $2.75


Juice orange or apple, small $2.00, large $2.75

Soft Drinks $2.50

Hot Tea $1.95

Iced Tea $2.50


Toast white, whole wheat, rye, sourdough, country wheat $2.00 

Raisin Toast $2.50

Gluten-Free Toast $3.00

Biscuit $2.00

English Muffin $2.00

Bagel with cream cheese $3.00

Oatmeal bowl $3.50

Egg Beaters or Egg Whites 50¢ extra per egg


One Egg* any style $1.25

Sausage Gravy $2.95

Potatoes $1.95

Bacon Strips $3.50

Sausage Patties or Links $3.50

Corned Beef Hash $4.25

Ham Slice $3.50

Cream Cheese or Peanut Butter $1.00

Kid's Menu

One Slice of French Toast with bacon or sausage* $3.95

One Pancake with bacon or sausage* $3.95

One Chocolate Chip Pancake with bacon or sausage* $4.75

One Egg and Toast* $2.75

Ham and Cheese Omelette with toast $4.75

Cheese Omelette with toast $4.25